M2M® Smart Modem 4G/LTE

R1480 ex VAT

The M2M® Smart Modem 4G/LTE is a ready-to-deploy, standalone 4G/LTE CAT.1 modem that provide wireless data communication to all supported RS232 and RS485 meters. The modem is useful for automated applications, remote monitoring and remote controlling. The modem also supports Multi-Drop which allows you to connect multiple meters to a single modem. The modem optionally features Last-Gasp technology which can be used for various aplications

  • Wireless data communication for supported meters
  • Last Gasp Technology
  • Built in buffer to hinder data los when power or network is lost
  • 230v supply via green terminal or 5v via the RJ45 connection
  • RS232 & RS485
  • Support for roamming with global sims.