M2M® KMP Tariff Module

R460-R750 ex VAT

The M2M® Tariff Load & Control Module for Kamstrup is a ready-to-deploy module that provides you the ability to control and alter the meter’s Active Tariff, Internal Contactor, External Relay as well as communication to the meter via RS485. The module optionally features a LoRa receiver. The LoRa receiver can be configured to transmit or receive wireless tariff commands.

  • RS485 Mutli-Dropping
  • Internal & External Load controlling
  • Tariff Switching
  • RS485 expansion port for connecting multiple meters to one modem
  • Support for Kamstrup Omnipower - All versions, Kamstrup Legacy - 351C(CT), 382M(DOL), 162M(DOL)
  • Optianl LoRa Module for extended features like wireless tariff commands
  • 1 Year Warranty