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We can also assist with your smaller prototyping PCB runs with the help of our in-house pick and place machine.



Coin Acceptor - Programmable (3 coin types)

Are you trying to make a quick dime from electronics? Why limit yourself to dimes? This coin accepto..

R455.00 (inc VAT)


Thermochromatic Pigment - Sapphire Blue (20g)

We've all seen toys and things that change color when you run them under warm water or heat them up ..

R256.00 (inc VAT)

Slip Ring - 6 Wire (2A)

This is a 6 wire slip ring, a remarkably simple electromechanical assembly that allows electronic si..

R281.00 (inc VAT)

Uno R3 - Compatible with Arduino R3

Not the original Arduino Uno R3 brand but does the same at a fraction of the cost..

R145.00 (inc VAT)


LimeSDR Mini

The LimeSDR Mini development board is a hardware platform for developing and prototyping high-perfor..

R4,444.75 (inc VAT)


GoPiGo Kit

The GoPiGo Beginner Starter Kit from Dexter Industries is a complete robotics kit controlled by the ..

R5,865.00 (inc VAT)

WiFi Module - ESP8266 (4MB Flash)

The ESP8266 WiFi Module is a self contained SOC with integrated TCP/IP protocol stack that can give ..

R156.00 (inc VAT)

Stickvise PCB Vise

Give your arms a rest! Stickvise holds your circuit board flat so you can solder with stability at t..

R874.00 (inc VAT)

SparkFun Qwiic OLED Display (0.91 in, 128x32)

The SparkFun Qwiic OLED Display can display up to three lines of text and features 128x32 pixels in ..

R234.00 (inc VAT)

SparkFun JetBot AI Kit Powered by Jetson Nano 2GB

The SparkFun JetBot AI Kit is a robot platform powered by the NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ 2GB Developer Kit..

R6,242.50 (inc VAT)

SparkFun DLI Kit for Jetson Nano 2GB

With the release of the Jetson Nano™ 2GB Developer Kit, NVIDIA® empowers developers, researchers, st..

R4,368.50 (inc VAT)

SparkFun Artemis Development Kit with Camera

The SparkFun Artemis Development Kit is the latest board to be released around the SparkFun Artemis ..

R1,123.50 (inc VAT)

Sno Shoe - Arduino Compatible HDMI

We love the Alorium Technology Sn? Development Board! Alorium have done a really great job in integr..

R310.50 (inc VAT)

Smoke Sensor - MQ-2

The MQ-2 is a smoke and combustible gas sensor from Winsen. It can detect flammable gas in a range o..

R117.00 (inc VAT)

Serial Flash Breakout - Bare

Serial flash chips are everywhere and they're as useful as they are ubiquitous. If you've never used..

R29.50 (inc VAT)

Serial Flash Breakout - Assembled 128Mbit

Serial flash chips are everywhere and they're as useful as they are ubiquitous. If you've never used..

R185.50 (inc VAT)

Qwiic Multi Distance Sensor - VL53L3CX

The VL53L3CX is an awesome ToF (Time of Flight) range finder from STMicroelectronics, who brought us..

R779.00 (inc VAT)