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An official distributor for SparkFun Electronics in South Africa.

We can also assist with your smaller prototyping PCB runs with the help of our in-house pick and place machine.


Coin Acceptor - Programmable (3 coin types)

Are you trying to make a quick dime from electronics? Why limit yourself to dimes? This coin accepto..

R455.00 (inc VAT)

Thermochromatic Pigment - Sapphire Blue (20g)

We've all seen toys and things that change color when you run them under warm water or heat them up ..

R256.00 (inc VAT)

Slip Ring - 6 Wire (2A)

This is a 6 wire slip ring, a remarkably simple electromechanical assembly that allows electronic si..

R256.00 (inc VAT)

Uno R3 - Compatible with Arduino R3

Not the original Arduino Uno R3 brand but does the same at a fraction of the cost..

R145.00 (inc VAT)

30% off

Copper Tape - 5mm (50ft)

Copper tape has countless applications in electronics from creating low-profile traces for electrica..

R49.70 (inc VAT)


SmartiPi Touch 2

The SmartiPi Touch 2 is a case and stand for the official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen LCD. The displ..

R626.00 (inc VAT)

Pimoroni pHAT Stack - Fully Assembled Kit

A preposterous pile of peripherals on your Pi! The fully assembled pHAT Stack by Pimoroni is the ult..

R426.50 (inc VAT)

SparkFun micro:bot kit for micro:bit - v2.0

Robots are fun, and the micro:bit is the perfect controller for learning how to build and program ro..

R1,422.50 (inc VAT)

FPC Camera Connector - 24-Pin, 0.5mm (Bottom-Contact)

Amphenol FCI FFC/FPC Flexible Circuit Connectors are a broad range of innovative connector solutions..

R21.50 (inc VAT)

SparkFun Power Delivery Board - USB-C (Qwiic)

It's time to effectively manage the power distribution into your project and with the SparkFun Power..

R483.50 (inc VAT)

Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - LIS2DH12 (Qwiic)

Qwiic has struck again! This MEMS, three axis accelerometer by STMicroelectronics has been outfitted..

R197.50 (inc VAT)

USB to Serial IC - CH340E (10 Pack)

The USB to Serial CH340E IC is a USB bus conversion chip, it can realize USB to UART interface or US..

R114.00 (inc VAT)

Qwiic Pressure/Humidity/Temp (PHT) Sensor - MS8607

The MS8607 from TE is an impressive combination pressure, humidity, temperature (PHT) sensor with ac..

R567.50 (inc VAT)

SparkFun Qwiic Pro Micro - USB-C (ATmega32U4)

Here at SparkFun, we refuse to leave 'good enough' alone. That's why we're adding to our line-up of ..

R370.00 (inc VAT)

SparkFun Qwiic Shield for Thing Plus

The SparkFun Qwiic Shield for Thing Plus provides an easy-to-assemble way to add the SparkFun Qwiic ..

R79.50 (inc VAT)

SparkFun Qwiic Shield for Arduino Nano

The SparkFun Qwiic Shield for Arduino Nano provides you with a quick and easy way to enter into Spar..

R79.50 (inc VAT)

SparkFun micro:climate kit for micro:bit - v3.0

The SparkFun micro:climate kit is a full weather station kit that is built on top of the weather:bit..

R2,418.00 (inc VAT)